The Tahoe Biltmore is THE North Lake Tahoe wedding venue! 

We can accommodate any size group

      Our ballroom hosts 6,435 square foot ballroom available and offer a prime location on the Stateline of Nevada and California, with amazing views of the mountains and lakes. With an indoor chapel, grand ballroom and access to local beaches, we can plan your big or small dream Lake Tahoe wedding. Our versatility allows us to accommodate as few as 2 or as many as 300!

Let us take care of You on your special day

     From start to finish we can meet  your needs. Hotel accommodations and room packages for wedding parties we have your lodging covered. On site catering, rehearsal dinner venues and bar packages your dining needs are covered. Providing exclusive to our special brides room you and your party your special day will be stress free.         

We are unique, and we know you are too! 

      Start with our standard packages available, but you are also welcome to create your very own customized wedding built just the way you like. In order to ensure your many wishes are met, our personal wedding coordinator will work closely with you for the entirety of the wedding planning process.

Our coordinator is just a phone call away

     We know you have tons of questions. It's normal. The good thing is we are here to answer any, and all , of your questions, at 7758336724. 

To truly experience our venue, visit us at  TAHOEWED.COM    and schedule a site tour.