Ambassador Sound Presents "Silent Night" a Silent Rave

Thursday December 20th 

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The Ambassador Sound presents “Silent Night”
A very unique and unforgettable Silent Rave that you don’t want to miss , not only that but we made this event as affordable to everyone as much as possible 


G Thrill B - Funk , Electronic ,Techno and Trap style 
Dj Ramone - Dance hall , Reggaeton and Reggae,Afro Beat, 
Clay Ambassador- hip-hop , House and Disco and a bit of everything 


What is a Silent Rave ?- A Silent Rave is a event where people Rave to music listen to on a cutting edge technology, wireless party Headphones, provided by The Ambassador Sound 

3 DJ’s playing at the Same time , each Dj has there own Channel , each Channel has its own Color , each Dj table will light up with a color that represents there Channel, blue ,red or green, In a click of a button switch your headphone to blue and listen to the Blue Dj or if you don’t like the music on the blue Channel switch to Red or Green , The Headphones ? lights up very bright so you can also see what everyone else is listening to , With Silent Rave you have Options 

What if you wanna talk to your friends? - if you want to take a break from dancing to talk with your friends or to order a drink , simply take off your Headphone and you can turn the volume of your headphone down, it's way easier to have conversations and meet new people 

If it's your first time to a Silent Disco ,this is how it works when you arrive you'll receive your special wireless
can adjust the volume and choose between up to three DJ's with a flip of a switch each headset has a color LED that shows what channel you are listing to, it's super social ,you're in control of the music